From the Principal's desk:

Darwin School implements a school wide-process that develops staff and students as leaders and thereby transforms the culture and performance of the whole school. The Leader in Me process integrates leadership development into daily curriculum, activities, and system and create a culture where every student is encouraged to set and achieve meaningful goals, be positive influence on others, and use his or her individual gifts to better the school, the community, and the world. The Leader in Me draws on the world-class content and tools of FranklinCovey, including the 7 Habits of Highly effective People, which staff, students, and parents adopt as a common language. The results of implementing the Leader in Me are far-reaching and highly impactful
  • Decrease students discipline referrals
  • Elevated student achievement
  • Increase staff collaboration and morale
  • Raise parent involvement and satisfaction
Beyond these measures, students at Darwin School are equipped with the self-confidence, skills, and attitudes to be successful leaders in the 21st century. leader in me

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Boletin Noviembre 2014

Estimados Padres y Amigos: En Darwin donde se cultivan líderes, continuamos trabajando arduamente para promover el desarrollo de liderazgo en nuestros estudiantes. El 30 y 31 de octubre llevamos 110 estudiantes a Campamento McLean ubicado en Burlington, Wisconsin. En este viaje los estudiantes de 6º, 7º, y de 8º participaron en un sinnúmero de actividades…